The Best Things To Do in Bangkok (COMPLETE TRAVEL GUIDE)

Bangkok is on my bucket list. It is on yours too, probably.

What’s stopping you from going? Not knowing anything about traveling to Bangkok?

Let’s get into it.

In here, you will find all that is to know before getting on the first plane out to Bangkok.

Flying to Bangkok: Long Flights Ahead

Common sense tells us that your ticket price depends on where you are from and what company you are flying with. Nevertheless, here is an average price and length for your flight to Bangkok so you have a small idea about that. Please, make sure to click here for more information and cheaper deals.

Flying from Europe

Your flight from Paris, Berlin, or London is probably going to cost an average of $700 up to $1300 with big airline companies such as Austrian Airways, Air France, or British Airways. Also, a flight to Bangkok from those cities is likely to take 16 hours up to 30 hours depending on how many stops your flight takes. If you are taking a direct flight, it should not take you more 15 hours to reach your destination.

But you can find cheaper flights to Bangkok. Airline companies such as China Southern/Eastern and Thai Airways charge an average of $500 up to $800.

Flying From North America

Getting on a plane from the United States or Canada heading to one of Bangkok’s airports costs from $800 to $1600, depending on which American state or Canadian city. Famous airline companies like Air Canada and American Airlines cost on average $1500 for one ticket, and you can embrace yourself for a 30 hours flight.

Cheaper Airline companies in the likes of China Airlines and Korean Air charge $700 usually for one ticket.

Flying from North Africa and the Middle East

If you are boarding a flight from Rabat, Algeria, Tunisia, Cairo or Dubai, your ticket price is most likely to cost between $700 and $1200. Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways charge around $900 for a flight that is going to last about 15 hours. Cheaper flights to Bangkok cost around $500 with airline companies such as SriLankan Airlines.

Airports Information

While booking your flight, you will realize that there are two airports to choose from. Read about them down below before making a choice. Please make sure that airport you choose is the closest to the hotel you are staying at.

Don Muang International Airport

Photo credit: boonkumnoun via / CC BY-SA

This is one of the world first airports of all time. It has two terminals. Terminal 1 is for international flights, and Terminal 2 is for domestic flights only. Don Muang, with two levels, has a simple layout. The first floor is for the Arrivals Hall, while the second is for the Departures Hall. Both halls have fast food outlets, money exchange counters, souvenir shops, airport limousine service, car rentals by major brands, and VIP lounges.

The airport is 24 km away from city center, and the easiest way to travel to and from Don Muang is via taxi. The approximate fare is around 350 baht, with a surcharge of 50 baht if you take a taxi leaving the airport. The taxi ride lasts about 30 minutes up to an hour, depending on traffic.

Another way of getting to and from the airport is via bus or train. The cheapest is via the bus, as it only costs 20 baht, but it will take longer than a taxi-ride and has less room for luggage. The train, on the other hand, will take you about an hour to drop you off at Hua Lamphong, located near Bangkok’s Chinatown.

More about Don Muang International Airport here.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Photo credit: David McKelvey via Visualhunt / CC BY

The 2012 most photographed place on Instagram is actually Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It has one single Terminal for both Domestic and International flights. The building is 7 stories high, with the Arrivals Hall on the 2nd floor and the Departures Hall on the 4th. On the first floor, you find taxi and bus services to get you around Bangkok. The third floor has the restaurants, the shops, and the VIP rooms.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is 26 km away from Bangkok’s city center. Taking a taxi from the stand just outside Entry Gate 4, your ride should cost about 350-400 baht for a 40 minutes drive, with additional 50 baht airport fee. You can also take the Airport Express Bus for a flat fee of 150 baht if your destination is near one of its 4 stations. There are other means of transportation you can read about in here.

*** Note: There is a shuttle that goes to and from both airports starting at 5 am until midnight.

Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

Hotels in Bangkok can be found everywhere in the province. With all the choices a tourist has, they get worried about making the wrong choice. Not this time, though.

High Luxury Hotels:

Bangkok has a variety of hotels. There are a lot of four and five-star hotels, suitable for families, whose average room price is $180 a night for per two adults. There is, for example: Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort ( $150 ), Pullman Bangkok Hotel G ($147), Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers ($150), Tower Club At lebua ($190), and more.

Comfortable & Classy Hotels:

There are also plenty of three stars hotels who offer the most comfort possible with an average price of $60 for the night. You can check for; Amari Boulevard Bangkok ($80), Dharasom Colonial House ($90), Dream Bangkok ($70), Crystal Suites Suvarnbhumi Airport ($60), and more.

Cheap but Comfortable Hotels:

Travelers who are visiting Bangkok may not always want the luxury. If you are looking for the most comfortable hotels with the cheapest price, you’ll find a lot. However, the most reputable ones of them all are Bangkok Loft Inn ($25), Smart Suites ($30), Erawan House ($20).

Climate in Bangkok

Before visiting, you should know when to visit Bangkok. Here is the most important information to know about the weather year-round in Bangkok.

Hotter times: HOTTEST EVER

Bangkok is considered to be the hottest city in the world. Therefore, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that daytime temperatures exceed 3O°C/86°F most of the year. The period March to June is the hottest as the temperature is over 40°C/104°F. Since it is hot all year round, the lowest temperature Bangkok can reach is 20°C/68°F in December.


It does not rain much in Bangkok around the year, but it sure rains a lot during September. Tourists who are looking for a beach holiday may need to reconsider their destination as, even though it is still hot, it is very rainy during the period from May to October. However, Bangkok offers a lot of indoor activities for those who do not mind stepping in the rain for a few moments before reaching their destination.


The period from December to February is considered the busiest period of the year, as many tourists consider it the best time to visit Bangkok. The weather is not so hot and it rarely, if ever, rains. This allows the guests of the city to enjoy various outdoor activities. It is noted that prices at this time of the year may double considering the number of people visiting.

Read more on Bangkok weather here.

Transportation in Bangkok

Bangkok is a big city. It is not easy to get around and enjoy the best of what it has to offer on your feet. Although walking is a nice way to get to know the city up closely, it is definitely not enough to get you to your far away destinations. For that reason, here are the best ways to get around in Bangkok


Photo credit: Christian Haugen via / CC BY

Considered to be the most comfortable way to get around the city, Bangkok taxis be found anywhere at any time. All taxis are metered and you should politely insist on the driver to turn it on, so you can avoid negotiations at the end of the ride. The fare starts at 35 baht, and stays for the next two kilometers. For each additional kilometer, 2 baht add up the fare. It is better to have a map, as not all drivers speak English and not all of them know the city street by street.


The swiftest way to get around Bangkok is definitely the BST. It’s fast, cheap, and comfortable, and it stops at most of Bangkok entertainment spots. It is the ideal for a first-time tourist to enjoy a view of most parts of the city. To access the station, you need a BTS Rabbit card. Fares start at 15 baht per one stop, but it is better to purchase a full day access, as it offers unlimited travel within 24 hours, for 120 baht.

Read more on BTS and its map.

Bangkok MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit)

Just like the BTS, Metro Rapid Transit is also part of the rail transportation infrastructure. It is also referred to as Bangkok’s underground. It has 2 lines, blue and purple, 35 station stops stretched along 43 kilometers. There is a train every 5 minutes during peak hours, and every 7-8 minutes during other times. The tickets can be purchased from machines at stations. However, just like BTS, it is better to purchase an unlimited travel card for a fixed price of 120, 230 and 1400 baht for 1, 3 and 30 days respectively.

***NOTE: Try your best to use either the MRT or the Skytrain, they're both cheaper than any other means of transportation within the city. 

I tried to get from my hotel on Sukhumvit Road to a certain mall on Rama 9 road. Instead of hopping on BTS and changing to the Metro (Which would have cost me 47 Baht), I chose a taxi during rush hour, and he ended up charging me 200 baht. The available options are cheap and quick, so don't make the mistake of taking a taxi or Tuk-Tuk to places that are served by both BTS and MRT metro network. A taxi is a good option when going to the airport or coming into the city center.

TOP 5 Things to Do and See in Bangkok

There a lot of things to do in Bangkok. There are many entertainment spots and places to go visit, things to see and activities to do. It may get stressful to plan your trip knowing that the choices are almost unlimited. That is why I have a list of the best 5 things to do in Bangkok

1 - Pay a Visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Undoubtedly, it is the city’s most famous landmark. The Grand Palace is a complex of incredibly-looking buildings, including the Wat Phra Kaew, also known as the Temple of Emerald Buddha. It is a guarantee to be amazed at the complexity and the design of the buildings that represent both the Thai Culture and the Buddhist disciplines. You can buy a ticket at the entrance for 500 baht, or book a full tour here.

Read more here.

2 - Get Inspired at Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA)

Photo credit: amsfrank via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

MOCA is a five-storey building that contains over 800 pieces of art. The gallery is one of world class quality, offering the beautiful, the inspiring, the thought-provoking, and at times, the funny. A full tour of the whole museums should not take you more than two hours. The entrance fee is 180 baht for visitors, 80 baht for students, and free for children under the age of 15 or senior citizens older than 60. Read for more details.

3 - Experience the Flight of the Gibbon

This full day experience is supervised by two guides for a group of nine. You’ll soar through one of the world’s longest and highest zip lines ever with 24 platform stations. Survive that to have a Thai lunch and access to an open zoo with over 8.000 different animals. The view from the top of the platforms, plus a close-up experience of the wildlife in their natural habitat, leave an unforgettable memory of an adventure you will always want to repeat. Book yours here.

4 - Explore the SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean (Siam Ocean World)

Photo credit: decade_null via Visual Hunt / CC BY

A visit to the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean may as well be the most interesting part of your stay in Bangkok. Situated 2 stories beneath Siam Paragon Shopping Mall, this enormous aquarium has well over 30.000 creatures from different depths of all the oceans of earth. If simply looking at the sharks is not thrilling enough for you, you can also dive inside for an even more exciting experience. Book a tour of your liking here.

Read more here.

5 - Spend a Late Night at Ce La Vi Bangkok Nightclub

Located at Sathorn Square Building, Ce La Vi Bangkok is one of Bangkok's most elegant nightclubs. Thanks to its location, the views from the windows are breathtaking, but the club is far more impressive when it comes to its services. The music differs every night, depending on the DJ playing or the artist performing that night. You are guaranteed to enjoy your night as soon as you step in the building. If you are not sure, however, there are plenty other clubs you can find near you in Bangkok.

Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok is one of tourists’ most important things to do in the city. However, where to shop is the hardest question of them all due to the many choices Bangkok offers. Here are few markets you can visit.

Enjoy Your Trip

Bangkok, much like most of Thailand, is a wonderful city to spend your holidays at. The city offers a window to the best of Thai Culture.

Tourists are welcomed all year round, though they should know it is pretty hot there.

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You still have more questions? Ask and get your answers.


Enjoy your trip.