Top 7 Things To Do in Phuket (The Best Travel Guide)

Have you ever thought of packing up and traveling to Phuket but you stopped because you don’t know much about the province?

Don’t stop this time. It is almost guaranteed you will have the most wonderful time in Phuket, Thailand.

In the following, you will find everything you need to know before deciding to spend your holidays in Phuket.

Average Flight Ticket Price to Phuket:

Tourists visiting Phuket are most likely to take a plane there. So, the important two questions are: how much a ticket costs? And how long is the flight?

Big Airline Companies; Cost and Length.

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It is obvious that the price and length of flights to Phuket are going to vary from city/country to another. However, I will give you a short list for the average prices of the big companies and how long their flights usually take.

If you are travelling from Europe, your trip is most likely going to take around 18 up to 25 hours depending on which country and how many stops. A plane ticket costs around $860 to $1400 depending on which airline.

If you are travelling from North Africa or the Middle East, you flight will take from 12 to 24 hours at most. Exception for United Arab Emirates where you can take a direct flight for 5 to 8 hours with either Etihad Airways, Emirates, or Qatar Airways. Flights usually cost around $860 to $1300, except for the direct flights that cost a $300 more.

If you are travelling from United States, your flight is most likely to take around 25 to 35 hours depending on which states of air departure you take and how many stops your flight takes. Flights from the U.S. cost about $1150 to $1700.

Cheap Airline Flights:

Such prices may seem a bit expensive for a flight. Fortunately, there are many airlines around the globe that offer much less prices, with as much comfort as possible.

If you are traveling from Europe, a plane ticket costs around $430 to $720 depending on which airline. The cheapest airlines are: China Eastern, Air China, and Aeroflot.

If you are travelling from North Africa or the Middle East, flights usually cost around $430 to $720, the cheapest airlines being Cathay Pacific, Aeroflot and Singapore Airlines.

If you are travelling from United States, your flight is most likely to cost about $570 to $1000. The cheapest airlines are: China Southern, China Eastern, Air China,

Phuket International Airport: Second Largest Airport in Thailand

When traveling by plane to Phuket, there is only one landing space: Phuket International Airport.

The airport is on the northern side of the island and is the second largest airport in Thailand. According to the official website, the airport handles an average of 30 flights per hour, which adds up to 720 flights a day. The airport has two terminals: one for international flights, and one for domestic flights.

Transportation to and from airport:

Public Taxi Services: Expensive but Fast.

As you exit the Phuket airport main terminal, you will find the taxi stand on the far right. Usually, taxi drivers charge 50 baht for pick-up and the first two kilometers, with 7 baht for every additional kilometer. So, you’d be better off making sure the driver turns on their taxi meters.

But there’s also another way. You can easily find metered taxis with fixed prices for long distance destinations. The typical fair for the passengers, per taxi and not per person, going to Phucket Town is 400 baht, Patong Beach 550 baht, Kata/Karon Beach 600 baht to 650 baht. You can still bargain this fair down a little if you want. The trip will take around half hour to Phuket Town, 40 minutes to Patong Beach, and one hour to Kata/Karon Beach, which faster than taking a minibus or other mean of transportation.

Airport Bus: Cheap and Comfortable.

Far less expensive than Public Taxi Services, Airport buses are found on a station on your left outside of the airport, that is if you are facing the car park. They are known to be much more reliable and easier to find. You can purchase the ticket, which costs 100 baht, as soon as you get on the bus. It is better not to purchase it elsewhere even if it is with a lesser price because it may be a fraud.

The Airport Bus reliability comes from the fact that they respect a schedule throughout the day. The service starts at 8a.m. from the airport to Phuket Town Station 1 and ends at 8p.m. A bus leaves the airport every one hour to hour and a half, with the trip taking an hour to 1:40hours depending on the traffic on weekdays. You can check the timetables and the map of the Airport Bus for more details.

Hotels and Resorts:

1 – Perennial Resort:

Situated a few hundred meters from the Phuket international airport, Perennial Resort offers a window and easy access to the tranquil and picturesque Nai Yang Beach. It is made of 8 luxury villas joined together in a designed that blends the Phuket culture with modern design.

As for the accommodations, says: “[they] have been carefully appointed to the highest degree of comfort and convenience, with air conditioning, television, satellite/cable TV, a bathtub, and fan in each room. Guests of the resort can enjoy jogging alongside the beach where the emerald sea softly whispers calmness and peace, leaving you stress-free and ready to take on another day with a clear mind…“

The resort offers 5 different types of rooms, prices ranging on average from $43 for a standard room, to $140 for a Suite Villa. You can get discounts from

NOTE: Perennial Resort offers a free ride to its customer from the airport to the hotel. All you have to do is call the reception, and a car will show up minutes later to pick you up and take you to your reserved room.

2 - Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort:

5 km away from the city center, the hotel is steps away from the Phucket numerous attractions such as Makham Bay, Ton Aow Yon Waterfall, Kao Khad Viewpoint. It has a pool, a beach, a fitness center, and a spa.

The hotel offers 5 different rooms: Panwa Room, Panwa Sea View Room, Grand Sea View Room, Panwa Suite, and Andaman Family Suite. The hotel one night stay cost can range from $115 to $200, depending on the room, the view and the number of people staying. Discounts can be found here.

3 - Paradise Inn:

45 minutes away from the airport, the hotel is one of most affordable hotels in Phuket. It is surrounded with entertainment spots as it is in the center of Karon and 5 minutes drive away from the beach. Phuket town in only 15 minutes drive away, and local shops and restaurants are 3 to 5 minutes walk away.

The rooms are simple and comfortable, equipped with Wi-Fi all over the hotel, air-conditioning, TVs, and private bathrooms. The average cost is $38 for a standard room, up to $70 for a Grand Deluxe room. Book here and get up to 35% discounts.

NOTE: The costs of each room may increase in the peak season, from December 15 to January 15.

When to Visit Phuket:

It’s Always HOT.

Due to its geographical position, Phuket enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. Thus, it’s hot almost all year round. The period April-May is considered the hottest period of the year. September-October period is hot as well; however, due to occasional rain showers, one should remember having an umbrella ready at all times.

Unlike Hong Kong and the Philippines, it is very rare that heavy rain occurs for consecutive days. Instead, it is more likely to find a shining sun between occasional showers.

Cool Weather, High Season.

For visitors who are looking for relaxation during Phuket’s cool season, they should consider visiting during the period December through March. In this 4 months time frame, the weather is not so humid, and the cool breeze keeps visitor’s stay most comfortable.

Hot Weather, Medium Budget.

If you want to visit Phuket for a medium budget and you don’t mind a little rain here and there, June, July and August are your months of choice. Chances are the weather is going to be hot, or at least warm, most of the time, but interrupted with heavy showers.

The temperature ranges between 20C to 33C, and the prices for accommodations and entertainment are less expensive than in the period December-March. Cherry on top, Phuket is not crowded in this period, which eventually means more interaction with the culture.

Some Rain, Less People, Less Expensive.

If you want to visit during the period of September-October, you are taking the risk of staying in most of the time because of the heavy rain. However, it is the least expensive period to visit Phuket. As most locals decide to travel abroad, the island is left quieter, with even less tourists around.

What To Do while in Phuket?

So, now you are spending your holidays in Phuket. You can’t just stay in your expensive hotel room, and you can’t wait until you get there and find out what to do then. To help you out, here’s a list of the top 7 things to do while in Phuket.

Here are 5 Different Things to do Phuket by Chris from AussieOnTheRoad.

    1. Visit Phang Nga Bay

    You can book a tour and spend a full day admiring the mesmerizing scenery of the many islands on the bay. A guide will take you on kayak to see the best sea caves and lagoons Phuket has to offer.

    Entertaining for kids as well as adults, the tour is for anyone adventurous enough to cruise slowly on a motor or a kayak, all the while listening to informative commentary about area's plants, wildlife and marine geology. Of the many spots on the bay, the two most recognized are James Bond Island and Koh Paynee. You can find more details on each island; plus others, here.

    1. Unforgettable Pictures at Panwa Viewpoint

    Located on the out to Cape Panwa, this viewpoint, aka Khao Khad View Towers, is a 360 full real-life HD look of the wonderful landscape of southern and eastern Phuket. As soon as you climb up the stairs to get to the towers, the view is nothing less of rewarding.

    The tower are two floors high, no doubt the best view is on the top floor, they have map both in English and Thai so you know exactly what it is that’s taking your breath away with its beauty. Read more

      1. Phuket Trickeye Museum

      Not every day is a shiny day. Some are actually quite rainy. So, during your holidays in Phuket, some rain drops may try to force you to stay inside the comfort of your hotel room. But you’ll be wrong to do so. Instead, check one of Phuket most mind-blowing museums.

      Say you missed out on a lot of activities during your visit to Phuket. Say you missed your flight back home and you have a full day of nothing to do. Feeling bored already? Don’t worry about that at all. This is your full day of fun savior.

      Starting at 8a.m. , you get driven from your hotel to ancient Buddhist Temple, Wat Suwan Kuha located in Phang Nga. With monkeys surrounding you from all angles, I bet you never thought of starting your day like that.

      Think it’s it? Think again, because you are about to get wet. When you leave the temple, you head directly to Phang Nga River, where you’re going to have a thrilling rafting experience. You’ll be maneuvering through the rapids that bend around the river, which flows through rubber and banana plantations.

      After you have changed your wet clothes, it’s time to visit the elephants, but your transportation is very unusual. You will fly over the rapids of the river in seconds of excitement on a 150 meters zipline. Now, you will be given time to relax while you cruise on elephant through the Thai Jungle.

      For the final adventure, a powerful ATV will take you around the jungle obstacles and get you back to the land.

      1. Tiger Kingdom

      Not for everyone, but definitely for those who travel to Phuket for the adventure. This zoo offers the opportunity to get in with tigers, so close that you can actually touch them.

      Do you dare to? Visitors, kids and adults, are allowed inside the cage (with safety, of course) to take picture and touch the extraordinary animals, for 10 minutes. Tigers of all ages are available, and if you are lucky, you may get to bottle feed one of the baby tigers.

      1. Enjoy Phuket FantaSea Cultural Theme Park

      This Last Vegas style show, fully themed with Thai culture, is Phuket biggest show. You get the chance to spend a full evening watching, gazing, speechless, hundreds of trapeze artists, an animal show, including elephants and others, and “ an exotic storyline that blends tradition with fiction “.

      AND NO, it does not end there.

      Phuket FantaSea hosts one of Asia biggest buffets ever. It takes place in a theme park that offers a lot of games for kids, and shopping opportunities for adults.

      It’s a full package of fun, entertaining, impressive and most definitely AMAZING. So, get your tickets from here

      1. Spend the Night UP at Illuzion

      It’s simply Las Vegas put together in the second floor on a very large building. One of the most entertaining Phuket Nightlife venues, Illuzion Show and Discotheque hosts all types of events, from standard music style, to heavy-hitter shows rocked by local and international artists from all over the globe. You have a taste in a type of music; Illuzion has an event for that.

      Bring your friends and family too, because there are multiple VIP lounges that can accommodate more 50 people each.

      There’s a dance floor that’s almost never empty, and eight bar counters spread all over the place. The space is large enough to host about 4500 guests at once. The soft drinks price starts at 120 baht and you go up from there to 4000 baht for really exquisite drinks. As for the entrance fee, unless you are coming for a special event, well… let’s just say it’s FREE.

    That’s About It.

    Phuket, Thailand is a wonderful place to spend your holidays in. The city is always welcoming guests and tourists to relax at their resorts and enjoy some relaxing days in the midst of a beautiful nature, and a lot of entertainment spots. Young adults, couples and families alike are welcome any time of the year.

    If you want to know the best time to go visit Phuket, I’d suggest the period between June and October. Anytime that period is good. But don’t take from me: I am a rain-lover. If you are looking for a sunny weather, January is the best for sure.

    Any more questions? Ask away.