LEGOLAND Malaysia – A Guide to The Best Trip for Kids

The sixth wonder of the world for kids is Legoland Malaysia. Yes, I mean that!

For grown ups, it is just as much fun as it is for kids, maybe even more fun.

So, how to get there? Where to stay? What do you need to know before booking this fantastic day at Legoland Malaysia?

You will find out as you keep reading down below.

Let’s get started!

How to get to Legoland from KL, Singapore

Everyone wants to go to Legoland, Malaysia. The big question, however, is how to get there?

I will help you get the best answer right now.

Let’s start from within the country: Kuala Lumpur.

Getting from Kuala Lumpur to Legoland

The attraction is located in the southernmost region of Malaysia, very far from KL. Getting there is still relatively easy, though. There are three main ways you can get yourself (and your family) to one of the best places on earth, and probably the best place in Southeast Asia, not just Malaysia.

From Kuala Lumpur to Legoland by Bus

This is the most usual way people go about getting themselves to Legoland. You can catch a bus ride from CauseWayLink directly to Legoland in Johor Bahru. The bus drive is between 4 and 6 hours long depending on traffic of that day.

One-way ticket costs RM57 per passenger as a standard price. The buses depart daily at 7 am from Swiss-Garden Hotel, Bukit Bintang to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. It returns from the attraction at 6:30 pm. That means, 8 to 10 hours of a bus ride.

From KL to Legoland by Car

Somewhat more enjoyable than a bus ride is a drive by yourself. The distance is still the same and the drive time is also similar.

The upside?

You can drive whenever you feel like it and come back whenever you please. Renting a car will give you control over your schedule in the theme park. You may want to stay the night there, too. (More on accommodations near Legoland down below.)

From KL to Legoland by Plane

As for the best way to get to Legoland from Kuala Lumpur, it is definitely via a flight to Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru. Reaching your destination will take a one-hour direct flight that is usually cheap.

As of writing this article, AirAsia offers a flight to Johor Bahru for only RM97. You can get a taxi cab at the airport when you land. It will be a 15 to 30 minutes before you get there. Therefore, the full time length of your trip to Legoland by plane should be less than 2 hours, including taxi rides.

You may be delayed at the airport, though. We all know how (un)reliable they can be.

You can check Rome2Rio for more specific transportation routes.

Getting from Singapore to Legoland

Many tourists like to jump between Singapore and Malaysia when they are on vacation in either one. Some, on the other hand, want only to check the Legoland and come back to their daily vacation life.

From Singapore to Legoland by Bus

You can catch a bus ride with WTS Travel & Tours from Singapore to Legoland. The ride will be way shorter than a bus from KL. It actually is only 45 minutes. However, you will spend some time crossing the border. BTW, bring your passport and visa permit along with you. You will need them to enter and exit Malaysia. Click the link above for more information about ticket pricing and timetables.

From Singapore to Legoland by Car

Also a possibility, you can rent a car in Singapore and drive it across the border to visit Legoland and come back to the island whenever you wish. The trip is just as long as the bus ride, but the border situation may take less time.

Hotels and Accommodations Near Legoland, Malaysia

Since the opening of Legoland in Johor Bahru, the city has been crazy full with tourists filling the hotels. Even the nearby towns have seen an increase in the numbers of guests. That means that accommodations are a thriving business near Legoland.

Here are the best hotels to stay at:

Let’s start with obvious.

Legoland Malaysia Resort

The theme park, as well as the water park, is part of the whole structure, which LEGOLAND Malaysia. The hotel is also a Lego hotel, just like everything else in the park. There are 249 rooms, all themed so that you kid can enjoy. There are 3 most popular rooms: Pirate, Adventure, and Kingdom. All rooms can handle 2 adults and 2 children. One standard room cost around $160 per night.

Check TripAdvisor here for more.

Somerset Medini Iskandar Puteri

Not so far away from the park, Somerset Medini is a 4-star hotel offering a luxurious stay for families visiting the country in general. It is 25 minutes away from the airport and has the best view in comparison with most properties in the city. Many travelers vouch for the helpful and supportive staff as well as the cleanliness of the 204 rooms. A standard room cost around $80 per night.

Check for more on the hotel.

Hotel Granada Johor Bahru

A short distance from Legoland Malaysia, Hotel Granada is also a 4-star hotel with more than 190 luxurious rooms. It is a great place for families visiting the theme park to stay at. The rooms are comfortable, and you get more than what you pay for. That is because the standard room price is only at $50 per night.

Check for more.

Need to Know Tips For Visiting Legoland Malaysia

1 - Choose When to Visit

The climate in this part of the globe is not really predictable, but it does not rain much. By that I mean it rains a lot but not much. Therefore, checking the weather forecast is necessary before heading to the park. Still, an umbrella should always be close at hand. Or bring hats, drinking water, and sunglasses. It may be a little too hot.

Also, make sure you visit when it is not a holiday. Checking the school’s holiday timetables for both Malaysia and Singapore should give you a good idea on when to visit. That way you can have longer rides with little to no waiting time. You will have the whole theme park for yourself.

2 - Buy Tickets Online

It is a general rule to buy every access ticket you need online. Most of the time, and it is the case for Legoland Malaysia, you will have a lower price to pay and be able to skip the waiting line.

Trust me, standing an hour waiting for your turn to purchase the ticket is not what you want, especially when there is a possibility the tickets run out. Legoland Malaysia sells a limited number of tickets at their entrance booth each day. And they do run out fast.

Also, it is better to buy a combo ticket for both the theme park and the water park. That way you get twice the fun for just a little over half of the price.

Here’s where you can book tickets online.

3 - Bring Change Clothes

If you are on a one day tour around Legoland Malaysia, you will need to bring extra clothes to enjoy the water park. Why? It’s water, pal! You will get wet and need clothes to continue the fun time.

Therefore, start your day at the park with the water activities, get wet, change clothes, and then enjoy the rest of the theme park.

I should note that one day may not be enough to enjoy everything, but it is enough to have one of the best days of your life.

4 - Exit the Park for More Food Options

With the combo ticket, you will have the ability to exit and return to the park as long as you have the ticket and the invisible stamp on your hand. That means you can check the nearby restaurants for more food options if what’s inside the park is not exactly what you want.

5 - Bring Extra Cash

You won’t have to pay for the rides as the entrance ticket covers those. However, game stalls are not free. You may need to pay a little cash to play them.

If you want to buy souvenirs, bring extra-extra cash. The prices inside Legoland Malaysia are higher than anywhere else in the country.

6 - Book a Way to Return to Where You’re Staying

If you didn’t rent a car to get to Legoland, you need to make sure you have a ride back home. If you are on a tour bus, you have a timetable for when the bus leaves. However, if you have booked a taxi to get you to the theme park, you need to book another one ahead of time to return home.

Legoland Malaysia is in the middle of nowhere. Taxis are available next to the entrance, but it’s not only you that’s looking for them. Therefore, booking a taxi ahead of time is the safest way to get back your hotel room when your day of fun is over.