[Ultimate] Boracay Travel Guide

Boracay is a small paradise island that is part of the endless islands of Philippines.

Everyone needs to have a glimpse of paradise on earth, so they have a little idea of what is above.

So, why are you not packing your bags for the heavenly trip? You don’t know much about Boracay, you say?

No need to worry then. Pack your bags, because this travel guide is your savior.

How to Get There

There is no airport in Boracay. Therefore, there are no in-flights coming. All international visitors must stop at one of the two airports that are near the area. The first one is Caticlan Airport ( the closest one), and the second one is Kalibo Airport (more distant). More on both airports can be found on their respective city travel guides here and here.

Once you have landed in one of the airports, you have different means of transportation. I will list them out for you with details.

From Caticlan

Once you get out of the airport, you should turn right and ask a tricycle driver to take you to Caticlan port. The usual fee is P50 per tricycle.

A fleet of bangkas shuttles people from Caticlan Port to Boracay every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm. Sometimes during high season, they stay until 10pm and maybe even more if a ferry is late. The usual fee is P200. At the port, there are tricycles that await to take you to your hotel for P25 per person or P150 if you want to hire the tricycle for yourself.

The whole trip from Caticlan to Boracay should not take you more than 1 hour.

From Kalibo

The trip from Kalibo to Boracay is a little bit longer, say 1:30 hours longer.

As you step out of Kalibo Airport, there is a line of stalls of operators offering to take you wherever you want. All you have to do is ask for Boracay. The van fare is going to be P200 per person. They will drop you off at Caticlan Jetty, and you know how it goes from there.

You can avoid all of this trouble if you think it is confusing by booking an airport transfer from MyBoracayGuide if you are coming from Caticlan and if you are coming from Kalibo.

Best Hotel Choices

Luxury Resorts

Astoria Boracay

(Average Price per night - $180)

Astooria Boracay - via Hotels.com

This beach resort located in Station 1 is popular for its modern design of all the 71 rooms it has. Of the many facilities the resort has, there is a swimming pool, a business center, and a restaurant. Breakfast is included in the room rates. More about the hotel here, or book your room here.

The District Boracay

(Average Price per night - $200)

The District Boracay - via Hotels.com

This is one of the newest beachfront resorts at the center of White Beach. It offers the luxury and calm needed amidst the vibrant Station 2. Amongst its facilities, there is a Jacuzzi, a bar on the roof deck, a spa, and a fitness center. The room rates include a free breakfast and a complimentary Caticlan Airport Transfer. Read more about the hotel, or book here.

Argonauta Boracay

(Average Price per night - $160)

Argonauta Boracay - via Hotels.com

Argonauta was renovated last 2012, so it now offers the latest trends of luxury to its guests. It is located on Barangay Yapak, 5 minutes away from Balinghai Beach. The facilities of the resort include an in-house restaurant, a swimming pool, and a lush tropical garden. The room rates include a complimentary breakfast, welcoming drink, and a fruit basket. Learn more about the hotel here, and book your room here.


Current by Astoria

(Average Price per night - $95)

Current by Astoria - via Hotels.com

This hotel is the newest addition to White Beach, located on Station 3. The hotel facilities include a garden lounge, a fitness center, and a spa. There are 79 rooms in total available. All of their rates include a free daily breakfast. More about the hotel can found here, and book your room now for cheaper prices here.

Tanawin Resort and Luxury Apartments

(Average Price per night - $80)

Tanawin Resort and Luxury Apartments - via Hotels.com

Completed in 2010, Tanawin offers high-end apartments, equipped with the best affordable luxuries. It is located on a hill in Mt. Luho overlooking Bulabog Beach, which gives its rooms a wonderful outside view of the beach and the golf course. The apartments are fully equipped with air-conditioning, a full kitchen, and a large bathroom. More about the hotel here, or book your room here.

Spider House Resort

(Average Price per night- $60)

Spider House Resort - via Hotels.com

Located at Diniwid Beach, Spider House Resort offers a wonderful stay for an affordable price. The location is famous for its magical sunsets. It is a great escape from white Beach as the rooms are in a native style design. Tourists and guests here also enjoy diving from the deck of the resort. More about the resort is available here, and you can book your room here.

Backpack Traveler

Boracay Breeze Resort

(Average Price per night - $20)

The resort is in the middle of the scenic Station 1, a few minutes away from White Beach. Boracay Breeze Resort offer an affordable stay in rooms equipped with the basic amenities. There is also a Hop-in Bar and a restaurant. Free daily breakfast is included in the room rates also. Book your room here.

Seabird International Resort

(Average Price per night - $25)

Seabird International Resort - Via Hotels.com

It is located in the quietest area of Station 2, while all the action is a few minutes away. The resort offers a breakfast included in the room rates. The rooms are equipped with the hot and cold water, air-conditioning, and cable TV. You can book your room here.

Island Jewel Inn

(Average Price per night - $25)

Island Jewel Inn - Via Hotels.com

Located in a quiet area of Station 3, just 2 minutes away from White Beach, Island Jewel Inn Resort is for travelers looking for the calm in the midst of actions. A continental breakfast is included in the room rates. The rooms are equipped with wi-Fi, refrigerator, and an electronic safe. Book your hotel room here.

Getting Around


Photo credit: Mr. Leeds via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

The main public means of transportation on the island are the tricycles. The fare is usually on the front of the vehicle, but the usual fare is P30 ( and P50 for tourist non-Filipinos) between stations and more if your destination is elsewhere. However, drivers may be inclined to charge a flat P100, so you should negotiate your fare before taking the ride.

Rented Vehicles

Thanks to the comparatively good road network, many spots can be reached by motorized vehicles. You can rent a mountain-bike or a motorbike from the many operators and companies on the island. They rent by hour or day, depending on your needs. Also, you can rent a tricycle for a tour around the island for about P200 per hour.

You should know that it is illegal to have a motorized vehicle on the beaches. And also, you won’t find cars on the island, so don’t bother trying to rent one.

The Top 5 Things to Do in Boracay

Boracay Island Hopping

If you are traveling to see the wonderful islands around in the Philippines, this tour around Boracay is perfect for you. This tour offers you the opportunity to experience paradise first hand, as there is a dozen of undeveloped beaches, turquoise water, and colorful coral reefs around the province. The tour can be as long as 4 hours, which will last in your memory forever. Book a private tour here if you are in a group of friends, or here if you want to have the experience with strangers to the island.

ATV Island Off Road

So, it was both a pain and exciting experience to get to the island. Boats and tricycles and motorbikes, and you are riding silently on the back. Now, it’s your time to grab the wheel and ride off road as strange people send you away in the least crowded areas of Boracay. You get to discover the scenery of the island on your own, riding on your own ATV for an hour. Take as many pictures as you want, but as many other who decided to grab the wheel will tell you; it’s the journey that counts. Book yours here.

Off Boracay Mainland Adventure

Take a day off Boracay and get to discover the Mainland. You will experience the nature in an Eco Adventure that everyone enjoys. The journey starts at an Eco Park in Malay, where you enjoy the freshness of the air as well as the beautiful spectacular view of Boracay. You can add a Cave Tour, River Trekking, Motag Living Museum, and etc. Book here and see also what other activities to include in your tour.

Mystery Manila in Boracay

Via Instagram

The brand has opened a new branch in Boracay, so lovers of mystery can experience the fun of the dark rooms. The are three themes to choose from, and the game can be as long as an hour for each of the rooms. Brings your friends, or get to know the creativity of strangers as you try to solve the mystery together. Learn more about the game and book online here.

Ariel’s Point

Photo Via Flickr

At this point, you can cliff dive, snorkel, and kayak in the tropical paradise that is Boracay. As guests testify, this is by far the best thing to do in Boracay. This daytime adventure will be the experience that will bring you back to the Philippines next holiday. Day trips to Ariel’s Point are available all week long, depending on the weather conditions of course. You can purchase tickets online, or book in-person at Ariel’s House in Station 1. Read more about Ariel’s Point.

Weather Report

Rain Season

The Habagat Season is from July to November. During the season, the rain is the local’s friend and enemy at the same time. Tourists are not advised to visit, even though the prices are cheaper during this season.

Summer Season

From May to July, the temperature can reach up to 38°C. It is so hot that when it rains unexpectedly during this period, it is considered a blessing. Also, there are many water-activities to do during this season.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists are better off visiting during the dry season, which is mostly from November to May. In the first months, the rain slowly stops, and the temperature starts to rise. The months February and March are the best months to visit as the temperature is not so high during the day, and the nights are chill and nice.

Time to Leave Paradise

The motivation needed to leave this island is far greater than the motivation you needed to come visit it in the first place.

And now that you are returning to normal life on earth as you know it, you will be thinking of revisiting all the time.

In case you do, read our travel guide again for updates.

Or read other savior travel guides for other paradises in the land of all Earthly Paradise, the Philippines.

Do you have any more questions? Let’s hear them.

Have a Great trip.